Monday, October 26, 2009

She Said 'Madly' And They Danced For Nine Minutes And Thirty-Six Seconds

She had been harboring this broken heart for over a year. But she doesn't ever remember a time where he was without his tape, wrench or hammer; desperately trying to repair the shattered mess he had created. Every break, every crack, every rip, every tear. And just as he was in a constant state of rebuilding, so was she; it was something they needed to do together. With each repair he made, she was able to use her heart again for something different:  finding her long forgotten, pure, undiluted happiness; discovering the routes of remorse and forgiveness;  coming to terms with her own faults and practicing a lifestyle to eradicate them. But ultimately, she had come to the true understanding of the word, 'love'. She had said it all along, but after over 400 days, she finally had a tight grasp on the concept and vowed to never let it slip through her fingers again. 

Holding her close, swaying to the music and singing those lyrics about long hair and underwear...Nothing is unforgivable, Love. This is a 'thank you'.

Unconditional Faith, Hope And Love? Give Me A Pen, I Could Write A Book

It had been a long time since she had felt the softness in his brown eyes. It was so thick and tangible that she could literally feel a warm blanket of velvet being draped over her heart as it melted into those familiar butterflies. God, had she forgotten how beautiful the fluttering of their wings felt inside her stomach. 

After all, he did tell her, "Everything will be okay in the end."  

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sometimes Life Doesn't Work Out

She needed something new to write about.

They were never going to the park.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Puzzles And Hearts And Color And Everything That Falls Into Line Thereafter

Her whole life, she had seen the world in black and white. And she probably always will. Her heart will always tell her what feels right and what feels wrong; that is just how she is. There will never be gray areas. But one night, a whisper began furiously pulling at her heartstrings. "You should try seeing the world in's beautiful." She knew there was truth in this because color is the essence of purity and passion. The slow transition of blending colors is gorgeous; fading into each other at exactly the right time, each color maintaining the exact amount of its own pigment, but giving enough of itself to satisfy the other. Too much red and it turns a deep orange. Too little red and the orange begins to look a pale yellow. Color and love are interchangeable words. The two colors must know what to give up for each other and what to hold onto for themselves. Perhaps, the world is not as two toned as she had once thought. But then again, maybe it still is. Maybe the base of everything is in black and white. Maybe she is beautifully blessed to have the heart of a child, basing the world around her off of pure, undiluted feeling. Maybe the colors come together in time.

Besides, the picture on the box only comes together in the end. And it is beautiful.