Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Melted Hearts And Two-Way Streets; You're A Sight For Sore Eyes

It was one of those peacefully quiet nights that are most difficult to come by in the city. But he had told her that's why he came here, anyhow. She felt it almost immediately. Everything about this place was vulnerable and open. She stared out her window, personifying every landmark, questioning their vulnerability. What was it they were thinking? She closed her eyes and smiled. He was always asking what she was thinking. They had been driving for hours; although, in her current state of bliss, she had lost any concept of time. 'Why?', he would ask. And 'What is it you're thinking?' It had been a while since someone had cared to know what was running through that head of hers. So...she thought about that. And she stared out the window as his nervous fingers traced the contour of her nervous hand; the skip in her heartbeat becoming both welcome and familiar. She hadn't felt safe in a long while, but he had unknowingly conquered the immense walls she had built around herself the past few years. Of course she would tell him what she was thinking. Always. She broke her stare and glanced toward him, those green eyes steady on the road. She hadn't a care in the world where they were going. And she doubted he did either. She laughed to herself and he turned toward her. What a beautiful, beautiful smile. 

Now, isn't that view breathtaking? 

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